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The Enchantress v2 beta 

Author: Aaliyah Whyte - Watson
Passages: 39. Size: 1932 Kb. /online/
Hello, this is a story game that will help you to figure out the mysteries of S.I.F.E Laboratories You will be able to continue the adventure through the eyes of Aaliyah. A late teenager who was kidnapped by the American Government. The reason for that is unknown to Aaliyah. But, as you continue to play through each day, pieces of the puzzle will start to become clear. Help Aaliyah find the reason for her imprisionment, and plan to escape. There will also be other characters on your journey, good and bad. You need to trust the right people inorder to survive. Try to see through the real people who will aid you and the fake people who will make you fall. Remember, trust the twisted soul.

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