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bronze key




> Put to the pursepurse

> Put to the leather bagleather bag

iron axe


Fallen pine tree has dried up already, so you can cut some wood.

You have already cut some firewood from this fallen pine tree.

golden axe

silver axe

> Talk to your mom

> Go dinner

Your chest is made of wood and bound with bronze. The chest is locked.

> Open the chest

> Talk to your father

Boris Semyonov (Morych)

> Begin

> About the story

> About the author

Put to the m_thingm_thing

> Talk to your sister

You think that putting firewood in the chest is not a good idea. So you take the firewood back.

> Close your chest

> Go home

The market is at the center of the village.

> Go to the market

> Go to the forest

You are at the market square in the center of the village. You walk around the market and find a grocery shop.suddenly you realize that you have no purse in your hands!

> Look around

Your house is on the outskirts of the village near the forest.

> Go home

> Go to the shop

Grocer: Hello and welcome my friend! Please look at my splendid goods!Only the best goods for you, my friend!By the way I have the best prices!Please let me know if you want to buy something!

Grocer: Thank you my friend!

> Look around

> Look around

> Offer your goods for sale

> Leave the shop

You can’t go outside, because you are a good son and you have to help your parents.

> Go outside

> Shake the tree

You are near your house. Several apple trees grow here. You can go to the forest or to the market.

You shake the tree, and ripe apple falls on your head. You feel that you become smarter.

You shake the apple tree again, but nothing happens.

> Look around

> Look around

You are in a dense forest walking along the trail from the village. There is a lot of dry branches everywhere, but you know about a fallen tree near the forest lake.

You feel hungry and start thinking about food.

Now you are not hungry.

Score +1

But you are still hungry.

> Look around

> Look around

> Look around

You can quickly get firewood just gathering these branches.

> Gather branches

You have already got some firewood.

There are many mysterious stories about that lake.

> Go to the forest lake

You know this forest very good and you can easily find your way back home.

> Go home

> Talk to the Spirit

You: I have some items for sale.

Grocer: Show me your goods my friend!

Grocer: Good deal my friend!

Now you have a lot of money. Coins would be useful if you’ll go to the evening dance.

Score +1

> Offer your goods for sale

> Offer your goods for sale

> Look at the grocer’s goods

> Leave the shop

You are in the center of the forest near the lake with dark water. You see a fallen tree here.

The Spirit of the lake hovers over the water near the shore and it is watching you.

But unfortunately your axe slipped out from your hands and flew into the lake. It seems your father will be very upset.

> Look around

You step into the water, and suddenly translucent figure appears near you. It can be only the Spirit of the lake.

Spirit: Why do you disturb me, human?

> Ask about your axe

> Run away

> Look around

You are at home. Here is a table, two benches and a cupboard with kitchenware near the door. Your chest is in a corner of the room. Your father is kindling the fireplace, mom is cooking a pie, and your little sister is playing with her doll.Your father, mom and little sister are sitting around the dinner table.

> Look around

Your father’s axe now lies somewhere at the bottom of the lake.

> Search for the axe

You are not afraid, because you don’t believe all these tales about this lake.

You can’t step into the water, the Spirit of the lake is still watching you.

Now you can tell the story about this mysterious lake.

You: I’m sorry, I dropped my axe into the water and I want to get it back.

Spirit: Axe? There are several axes in my lake, human. Can you find out your axe?

> Ask to show axes

> Say that you can’t find out your axe

You: Oh, no. I forgot the look of my axe.

Spirit: Then go away, human!

> Change your mind

You: Can I get back my axe?

Spirit: How will you find out your axe, human, if you don’t remember the look of it?

> Change your mind

You: I’ve changed my mind. I remember the look of my axe!

Spirit: Very well, human. Is this your axe?

The Spirit shows you a splendid golden axe.

> Say "Yes"

> Say "No"

You: Please show me your axes, so I can find out my one.

Spirit: Look at this axe, human. Is it yours?

The Spirit shows you a splendid golden axe.

> Say "Yes"

> Say "No"

You: Yes, it’s mine!

Spirit: You lied, human. Get out of my lake now!

And the Spirit disappears.

You: No, it’s not mine.

Spirit: Perhaps this one is yours?

The Spirit shows you a beautiful silver axe.

> Say "Yes"

> Say "No"

You: No, this one is not mine too.

Spirit: What about this axe, human?

The Spirit shows you a rusty iron axe.

> Say that it’s yours

> Say that it’s not yours

You: Oh no, this axe is not mine.

Spirit: Well, human. I have no more axes, maybe you did not drop your axe into the water? Try to look around, human.

And the Spirit disappears.

You: Yes, this is my axe! Give it to me please.

Spirit: Very well, human. Because you’re so honest, I’ll give you all three axes.

You: Thank you very much, mighty Lake Keeper!

Spirit: Farewell, human!

The Spirit gives you three axes and then the Spirit disappears.

Score +1

> Move away

This interactive fairy tale shows how you can use the "Inventory" module in your stories. Just play this game to see the module features. And try to score 7 points!

You: How can I help you, mom?

Mom: Oh, thank you, my dear, but better help your father.

> Say "Good, I’ll help him first"

> Say "But I want to help you too"

Mom: It’s not necessary, my dear, just go dinner!

Mom: Could you please bring me ingredients for dinner?

> Accept

> Decline

You: Sorry, I forgot some important things I have to do.

Mom: Sure, my dear.

Mom: I need some salt and garlic.

You: Will be done, mom!

> Aks about salt and garlic

Mom: Do you remember about ingredients, my dear? Salt and garlic.

You: I remember, mom. Give me some time!

> Ask about ingredients

Mom: Forget about ingredients, my dear, just go dinner!

You: It smells good, mom!

You: Where can I get salt and garlic, mom?

Mom: You can buy it all in the market, my dear.

Mom: Don’t forget about a saltgarlic, my dear!

You: Give me some time, mom!

Mom: Forget about a saltgarlic, my dear, just go dinner!

You: It smells good, mom!

Mom: Due to you, my dear, we have everything for a yummy dinner!

You: I can’t wait for dinner, mom!

Mom: First you have to help your father, my dear. Please!

Mom: Dinner is ready, my dear!

You: It smells great, mom!

Mom: Now I need only some garlic, my dear.

You: I remember, mom!

Mom: Now I need only some salt, my dear.

You: I remember, mom!

Mom: Oh, thank you, my dear! Due to you I have everything for the yummy dinner.

You: I’m glad to help you, mom!

Score +1

Mom: Thank you, my dear, but I don’t need this. I need only salt and garlic, my dear.

You: I will bring it to you, mom!

> Move away

You: What are you doing, little sister?

Sister: We are playing with Molly!

Sister: I don’t want to eat dinner! I want candy!

You: Eat your dinner and I’ll bring you a candy.

Sister: Oh, that’s my favorite candy! Thank you brother!

Score +1

Sister: What is this?Why do you give me this?I don’t want this. I want candy!Bring me a candy brother!

Sister: New toys!

> Move away

You: Give me a job, father!

Father: Do you wanna job, boy? Well, go to the forest and bring some firewood.

> Accept

> Decline

You: Oh, I can’t carry heavy wood, my back hurts.

Father: Then step aside and don’t disturb me, boy.

You: I’ll do it, father!

Father: I see you took my axe... Don’t lose it, boy!Well, don’t forget to take the axe, boy!

Father: Have you brought a firewood, boy?

You: Yes, father!

Father: Well, then give it to me, boy!

You: Give me some time, father. I’ll do it!

Father: Hurry up, boy! I need more firewood!

Father: Good job, boy!

You: I’m happy to help you, father!

Father: Eat your dinner now and then you can go to the dance to the village.

You: Thank you, father!

Father: Impossible! A golden axe! Where did you get this, boy?

You: The Spirit of the forest lake gave it to me.

Father: I knew that the story doesn’t lie... Great job, my boy! Now we are rich!

Father: What an awesome golden axe! Is it from the forest lake too?

You: Yes, father.

Father: Great job, my boy! Now we are rich!

Score +1

Father: What I see! A silver axe! Where did you get this, boy?

You: The Spirit of the forest lake gave it to me.

Father: I knew that the story doesn’t lie... Well done, my boy!

Father: And this beautiful silver axe! Is it from the forest lake too?

You: Yes, father.

Father: Well done, my boy!

Father: My old axe! I see you have not lost it. Good boy!

You: Thank you, father.

Father: And yYou brought good firewood, boy! You can go dinner now.

You: I’m glad to help you, father!

Score +1

Father: Why you gave me this? I don’t need it, boy!

You: I’m sorry, father!

> Move away

About the story

November, 2013

"Inventory" pack 3 in 1

* The "Inventory" module

* Blank project for "AXMA Story Maker" with "Inventory" module included: one location, one shop, three default items

* Source code of the "Invenstory" game

> Get "Inventory" pack

About the author

Hello everyone! My name is Boris Semyonov a.k.a. Morych, I am interactive fiction author, the winner of the Russian IF competition "KRIL-2012" and several monthly contests "Project-31". Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about "Inventory" module or if you just want to talk :) I apologize for any possible grammatical and spelling errors. Please contact me so I could fix them. And thank you for playing this text game!

E-mail: [email protected] page:

I am very grateful to my friend Indrė for help!

You have in your purse.

You have no money in your purse.

> Unlock and open your chest

> Lock up your chest

> Eat the

> Cut some wood with the iron axe

This is just nothing else.

> Buy the

> Take the

> Take the from

> Sell the

> Give to

> Throw the

> Remove the



> Take all

> Take all from

> Throw all

> Give all to

> Sell all

> Buy all

> Remove all from the




You sit down at the dinner table with your family and tell the amazing story that happened to you on the lake. In the evening you’re going to go to the dance in the village. And you are happy because you have enough money to buy a gift for a girl that you like. But that’s another story.It was a hard day and you’re going to sleep after dinner. But perhaps things might have been different...

The End

Your score is of 7