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Bo-beep looks up. "Help me with this shit, please." She waits expressionlessly.

help her with this shit


"That's not a question. If you need an assistant, go see Brock. He always seems to have useless bodies floating around." She points.

go see Brock

"You'll go blind. Help me with this shit, please." Bo-Peep waits expressionlessly. Bo-Peep is your partner today.

help her with this shit


Rainbow Dash shows off some of her impressive flying tricks as you approach.

"What is your biggest fear?"

"What is your favorite cereal?"

Create a $key and display “Yes”, if the protagonist has the key, and “No”, if they do not: Yes No

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Clicking this link will display new text under the current passage without clearing the screen: Display the beginning of the story.

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Random number from 0 to 6: .

The sun stares at you mildly.

stare back

look away

The Package: The Mostly Improvised Legend of The Birth of The Chosen One

You walk away and you don't look back. Bo-Peep yells something at your back but you don't hear. The sun watches you from behind until you enter a nameless tavern filled with faceless strangers and shadow. Here, you spend the rest of your days. Your tankard goes *clunk* against the wood. *clunk* *clunk* *clunk*


"The Bringer is the greatest executioner in the land. He doesn't just end lives. He makes it so that they never happened. You'll see."

Bo-Peep snaps twice. A hunchbacked, grey-bearded cowboy in handcuffs shuffles out from inside one of the tents. When he arrives at Bo-Peep's side, she strokes his back with her long dirty fingernails and pulls a string out from inside his back. "There's a s-s-snake in my b-boot," he coughs. Every syllable seems to induce inside of him a serious kind of pain.

"Woody's been a bad boy," she smiles.

You run into the fray and pick the poor yellow mouse up from the ground. It is lighter than you expected. You feel a vague tingling in your fingertips. The yellow mouse is too tired to fight, but he (you sense it's a he) nods gratefully at his new owner.

The man who must be Brock does not look pleased.

"Hey! Did Team Rocket send you? Let's go, Onyx! Use your body slam attack!"



The rock snake makes his move. It rises up into the air with little effort, as if propelled by some unearthly force. Its rapid descent requires even less effort. Its head looms larger and larger. You gaze motionlessly into his eyes. In this final moment, they look almost regretful. You hear the sound of the earth and then you hear nothing.


After walking the sands for a few minutes, you think you have found three capable candidates. The first is a beautiful hand-woven magic carpet made of the finest rose pedals in the land. It seems to know its way around and possesses a deep thirst for adventure. The second is a colorful young Pegasus by the name of Rainbow Dash. She has a brave heart even if she can sometimes be a little insensitive to the feelings of other ponies. The third is a pineapple.

interview Carpet

interview Rainbow Dash

interview a pineapple

Carpet waves genially as you approach.

"What is your biggest fear?"

"What is your favorite cereal?"

"My favorite cereal is Quaker's Oatmeal Squares. It is a very heart-healthy way to start your day."

hire Carpet

return to the other candidates

"My biggest fear is technology. I think that it is a very bad thing for society to be so invested in the manipulation of nature for its own benefit."

"My biggest fear is that my friends don't really like me. They just pretend that they like me because I can fly and that comes in handy when we fight bad ponies. I know that ponies always need my wings, so I keep showing off my skills to everyone I meet. But when I show off, I just end up feeling more insecure."

"Honey Bunches of Oats."

hire Rainbow Dash

return to the other candidates

"My biggest fear is that our universe is really just a computer program designed by some bored middle-school prodigy out in the real universe. All the experiences we share, all the emotions we carry with us, our stories, faces and identities are all just the idle vision of some pubescent 13-year-old who has no friends and makes up virtual worlds for entertainment. The smug bastard is watching us even right now: 'Heh, a few of them are conscious of their own immateriality,' I can hear him snicker. Any second, his mom will call him for dinner and he will shut the computer off to conserve electricity."

"I've been gluten-free for about a year now. I sometimes nibble on gluten-free granola.

hire the pineapple

return to the other candidates

You hire pineapple.

return to Bo-Peep

You hire Rainbow Dash. "All right!" she exclaims as she does a figure 8 in mid-air.

return to Bo-Peep

You hire Carpet. He seems pleased.

return to Bo-Peep

As you approach, Bo-Peep points again to the tent containing The Package.

"Remember: deliver The Package on time and in tact. Tell no one. The Package is marked with the letter 'B' in light blue."

enter tent

You stare back.

Footsteps approach.

"Boss wants you. You'll go blind that way, you know?" Bo-Peep frowns her unpleasant frown and points you in the direction of Boss.

go to Boss

walk away

Bo-Peep hasn't moved, but she is now surrounded by grey sheep. They are silent and remain silent as you approach.

"Your Task is simple. Deliver The Package to The Bringer. You will find the The Package in there."

Bo-Peep flings one of her sheep wildly at a tent behind her. The sheep lands without a sound in the sand in front of the tent.

"The Package is marked with the letter 'B' in light blue. The Bringer expects The Package within three moons. If The Package is not delievered by the third moon, your existence is forfeit. If The Package is damaged upon arrival, your existence is forfeit. If you tell anyone anything about The Package, your existence is forfeit. You can find The Bringer at his cottage. Your assistant has directions. Any questions?"

"Who is The Bringer?"

"I don't have an assistant."

"How's Woody?"

You follow Bo-Peep's finger across the desert sands to Boss. Your feet sink in and out of the soft warmth below and little shells get in between your toes. He sits at a rectangular table. His arms are thick, his neck straight, eyebrows sharp. You walk directly into his eyeline.




You sit. The chair is hard and cold.

"What is your name?"

"No. You forget. You have no name. You have no face. You have no body. All that you once had is now mine. You have but one thing in this world. Do you know what it is?"

"Your mother's favorite panty."

"This?" (show middle finger to Boss)

"This!" (punch Boss)

"The Task."

"I was just trying to answer your question, you dick."

"What do you want?" he asks.

"I'm looking for an assistant"

"Double-double, grilled onions"

The rock snake rises into the air without a sound, then it falls. You hear life exiting the poor mouse's body with a sadly abrupt *crunch*.

get Brock's attention


You run at Boss. He stands and waits. He makes one lazy motion with his forearm and you are covered in red. You fall the ground. Boss stands over you and looks at you blankly. He looks away. "Bring the next one," he says as the dark embraces you.


You look away.

Footsteps approach.

"Boss wants you." Bo-Peep points you in the direction of Boss.

go to boss

walk away

He doesn't hear.

"The Task."

(roll eyes)


(sit silently)

"Succeed in The Task and you live to perform another. Fail and you cease to exist: the body you occupy will dissolve into nothingness. Every memory containing it will be erased from the record of the universe. The soul perched comfortably inside that body will dry up and crumble into a million little pieces. Rats and crows will feast on these pieces and shit them out with smiles on their faces. I'll see to that.

Bo-Peep will provide you with the details. Go."


glower, then go from devestation."

"To you unite all..."

The mystery man and woman continue shouting at no one in particular. Brock, meanwhile, arrives at some kind of epiphany.

"Team Rocket! So you're the ones behind all this! I should have known it was you! Onyx, go! Use your rock slam attack and finish them off!"

Without waiting for the mystery man and woman to complete what is beginning to sound like a hate speech ("and once the Jews are gone, we can focus our attention on the homosexuals..."), Onyx flings some boulders at the pair. His aim is true. The man and woman called Team Rocket lie bloody and motionless on the floor.

Brock now turns his attention to you. Still under the impression that you were sent by Team Rocket, he sends Onyx in your direction.



You close your eyes and pray for a miracle. You can hear the rock snake rising into the air. Doom is ready for you but you are not ready for it. At that moment you hear an explosion coming from the far side of the cavern. The rock snake stops and spins around in mid-air.

"Prepare for trouble!" a woman's voice triumphantly rings out.

"Make it double!" offers a man's.

"To protect the..."

get out of here while you still can

see what happens

With the yellow mouse tucked carefully beneath your arms, you run outside. The air is fresh. It blows consolingly through your hair.

You still need an assistant before you can embark on your journey.

look around

Here. Now get out.

take food and leave

You run outside. The air is cool against your face. You breathe deeply.

You still need an assistant before you can embark on your journey.

look around

"We ran out about a week ago. Go away."

You see a juicy double-cheeseburger sitting on a shelf as you turn to leave.


steal food

You grab the burger quickly and hope he doesn't notice. You walk out without a sound.


There is a pineapple.

"What is your biggest fear?"

"What is your favorite cereal?"

Part I: The Task

Part I: The Task


You walk in not knowing what to expect. It is dark and hot inside the tent. Light and air only are only free to enter through three small holes in the back. Mostly, you just see dust. A man stands up as you cross the threshold. You were not expecting a man. He is a brown-haired man. His eyes are sunken and tired, but he looks alert. As you study him, you realize he is returning the favor. Only then do you notice the woman lying on a blanket in the far end of the tent. She is a dark-haired woman. Her body is covered in sheets, but her arms and forehead are shiny with sweat. She looks into your eyes as if asking an important question. She turns to the man and the two humans share a long wordless glance. The woman nods grimly, then the man.

The woman takes off one sheet, then another. She lifts her shirt. At first you think she is removing it altogether, but she suddenly stops. Exposed is the woman's belly, ripe and round like the earth. 8 months, you think. Then you see it. Right where the belly button should be. The letter 'B' in light blue.


You once again follow the trusty finger of Bo-Peep to a cavern at the edge of a cliff. You hear shouting as you approach.

"Onyx! Go!"

You walk into the cavern and catch a glimpse of an enormous rock snake slamming into the floor. As you get closer, you realize that the rock snake is actually slamming into what appears to be a large yellow mouse lying motionless on the ground.

"Pika..." it shudders.


watch and wait