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Создаём объект $ключ и выводим «Да», если ключ есть или «Нет», если ключ отсутствует: Да Нет

Невозвратный переход. После выбора этой ссылки читатель не сможет вернуться на предыдущую страницу кнопкой «Отменить».

Ссылка на параграф, содержимое которого будет выведено на этой же странице: вывести текст начала игры.

Текст, вставленный из другого параграфа:

Случайное целое число от 0 до 6: .

Welcome to the exciting world of history!


The first question

In which USA state is located the fortress Fort Ross?

а) Texas

б) Northern California

в) Florida

To start again

Sorry, that's wrong. Maybe start again?

To start again

Well done! Good start!

You will find the next question

The second question

Who took the decision to create the fortress and Russian settlement in California?

а) A. A. Baranov

б) F. P. Wrangel

в) I. A. Kuskov

To start again

The failure on the first question! Try again and be careful!

To start again

Excellent job!

Go on

The third question

In what year the fortress was founded?

а) 1812

б) 1841

в) 1821

To start again

Sorry, this is not what you need

To start again

Another event happened this year

To start again

You can't continue the game.

To start again

Very good! We continue

The fourth question

The population of Fort Ross was...

а)Russians, Aleuts, Indians

б)Indians, Spaniards, Americans


To start again

Hello, dear player! Unfortunately, some of the information about Fort Ross was lost, and only you can help us to recover it! You should answer some questions and perform a few tasks. Rather click here to continue your adventure.

Think harder!

To srt again

Not too late to start all over again

To start again


The fifth question

Main activity of Fort Ross-

а)Protection from attacks

б)Industry, mining

в)Agriculture, animal husbandry

To start again


To start again


To start again

Very well, then

The sixth question

The material for the construction of Fort Rossis:

а) wood

б) stone

в) brick

To start again

You don't know much about history

To start again

You played well...

To start again

You're wrong!

To start again

You continue the game!

The seventh question

Who of these is NOT a boss of the fortress?

а) Schmidt

б) Kuskov

в) Sutter

To start again

He was one of five chiefs

To start again

He was one of the rulers of the fortress.

To start again

Right! John Sutter was not the chief of the fortress.

The eighth question

What river flows near the fortress?

а) Colorado

б) Slavyanka

в) Sacramento

To start again

Wrong! But do not worry, you can try again.

To start again

It's a shame, you played very well...

To start again

Perfect! You have great knowledge!

The ninth question

What the original structure of the fortress have survived to our days?

а) The Kuskov House

б) Chapel Of The Holy Trinity

в) The Rotchev House

To start again

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Попробуй ещё раз

To start again

The answer is incorrect.

To start again

And you have done it again!

The tenth question

Duration of existence of Fort Ross under Kuskov's guide-

а) 1812-1839

б) 1812-2015

в) 1812-1846

To start again

Re-read the question carefully .

To start again

You made a mistake.

To start again

And it's true!

The eleventh question

Reason for selling fortress-

а) The whole time of its existence the colony was unprofitable for the Russian-American company

б) The fortress was often attacked too

в) The distance from the Russian Empire

To start again

This time you failed

To start again

Maybe I'll think about it more?

To start again

Great! You're almost near the finish line!

So, the twelfth question

Nowadays Fort Ross is-

а) The hotel

б) Historical Park

в) The ruins of the fortress

To start again

Error on the last question...

To start again


To start again

Our congratulations!

You successfully answered all questions and helped us a lot! Here's your prize

To start again

Sergeeva Olga, Shepoluhina Natasha, Demidova Angelina