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Interactive stories, text-based games and visual novels
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Alpha version 0.01

Create a $key and display “Yes”, if the protagonist has the key, and “No”, if they do not: Yes No

One way link. After following this link readers will not be able to go back to the previous page via the Back button.

Clicking this link will display new text under the current passage without clearing the screen: Display the beginning of the story.

This is a citation from another passage:

Random number from 0 to 6: .

Go to

1. Game Menu

2. EQ Menu

3. Health Menu

4. Work Menu

My Day

Mark a completed activity below to improve your wrk score:

Your current Work score is:

List followed

60 pts. Done

Work finished according to importance, rather than urgency?

40 pts. Done

Worked for more than 9 hours?

-50 pts. Done

Brought work home?

-50 pts. Done

Networked with anyone above the immediate superior?

100 pts. Done

Prepared the list for tomorrow?

50 pts. Done

Finished deliverables?

70 pts. Done

Answered all the mails?

40 pts. Done

Delegated tasks?

50 pts. Done

Organized to reduce work?

60 pts. Done

Did Pareto analysis of your work routine and output?

60 pts. Done

Talked to juniors?

20 pts. Done

Talked to peers in other departments?

40 pts. Done

Talked to seniors in other departments?

50 pts. Done

Talked to the boss?

60 pts. Done

Mark a completed activity below to improve your Health score:

Your current Health score is:

Had a full Meal

10 pts. Done

Drank Water (Recommended 12 times)

5 pts. Done

Did 15+ mts of Exercise

20 pts. Done

Had 7+ hrs. of sleep

30 pts. Done

Did Meditation

20 pts. Done

Danced (min 5 minutes)

20 pts. Done

Did Amy Cuddy posture exercises (min. 5 minutes)

20 pts. Done

Checked nutritional values of my meal (per meal)

20 pts. Done

Welcome to the game.

Everytime you come to this screen, your score will be reset to 0.

Your current score for the day is:

EQ =0;

Health = 0;

Work = 0;

Go to Game

This is the second passage, which readers proceed to by clicking a link in the first passage.

What follows next? It is all in your hands... or, should we say, at your fingertips.

Examples of Text Formatting

Text in italics

Text in bold

Underlined text

Monospace font

This text is center aligned.

This text is right aligned.

Image (supported formats: png, jpeg, gif):

Horizontal separator:

Em dashes – this is how you use them

Subscript: the formula for water is H2O

Superscript: the area of the room is 25 m2

* First item in the list

* Second item in the list

Audio file (mp3 and ogg files are supported). The 'Audio' button will appear on the toolbar.

You can dynamically change the main picture.

Some tricks to make your story even more fun.

Link to the first passage

'My Day' is a gamified tracker of your day.

Maximize your score in Health, EQ and Work.

Mark a completed activity below to improve your EQ score:

Your current EQ score is:

Called a friend

20 pts. Done

Spent half an hour with family

20 pts. Done

Made a note about any one of today's conversation

30 pts. Done

Made a diary entry about self

20 pts. Done

Took 5 minutes to be thankful for something

20 pts. Done

Helped somebody

10 pts. Done

Attended a social event

40 pts. Done

Initiated a conversation

30 pts. Done

Click on the picture to improve your status score:

Your status scores are:

Your EQ score is:

Your Health score is:

Your Work score is: