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Interactive stories, text-based games and visual novels
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You join a new school they school is a small the corridors are empty and you see a group of othere students they look sketchy .But your class is right next to them you try to walk by them. Walk by

they stop you and ask you if there somthing you want. one of them pushes a you in to locker. asking you ,is there ?! Look down



The new kid

Here you can place a brief introduction, a summary of the plot, a disclaimer/warning, etc.

As you reach to the door? The door gets bached open and the police they arrest every one the ask you if your fine.

The end

Your okay you have to change a cuple of your choises but your a good person

You are smart and think about otheres and know what to say when things are arked of you.

they look very mysterious and one has a very odd smug smile on him. After a second they ask you to follow them.


You run

You get out of there grip and they say your loss i guess os one started baging the locker.


One yells" you can still join get anything you want" just come back!!

keep on runnig Run


You step into your dorm as you see 2 guys trashing the place they notice you. One grabs onto you can tell the other to take you down as the beat you to as you a concussion bomb to your face. As you wake up in a hospital something in your mind clicks you suddenly fell like you can learn better than ever .By the time he's 20 he earn 20 major and his IQ was averaged at 300-350.

The end

You just keep on running way leaving to your class right next to them. You get asked why were late and you and you tell her what happaned and she tells you to watch out.

you go to your class

You stop,think its my first day what can go wrong ?!

You got with them

They take you to a dark room were a one askes you if you belive that white supremacy ?

walk with them

They lights turn on as you see the students put one kkk hat.(group member) tell us what you want and will get for you. but you arent allow to tell any one or you might to be able to see the light of day.

you are speechless

As your class ends you go to your room/dorm the door is open as you walk to go in you hear movement.

you go in

Every one in the world was the same mentale capacity nomater what colore there skin is its the way the brain work that matter.So who cares about that the white found out most of the inventions. If they didn't exist thing like the refrigerator might not have exist just like automatic elevators and red lights to. So get this FS out of here understand?

The try to run

As you feel pressured they ask you. Do you belive in white supremacy is the path to the future? As you are cornered as only option you feel to say is to stutter.

What else would be the way

I dont its some BS

Yes white people are smarter and make less crimes. We make most of the inventions and we are the smartest kind on EARTH.

The Door

As you end your sentance the police enters and arestes all of them including you.

The End