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Interactive stories, text-based games and visual novels
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You get abandoned and busted by the gang in school, and live the rest of the year in isolation because people are both afraid and disgusted of you and your gang affiliations. Try for a different ending?

The age of misdeed

The extroverts, the ones who aren't afraid to get into any conversation. They , however, dont have much prejudice over the year, unlike your old school, where extroverts ruled.

They get involved with everything, and you caught a faint smell of something very well known to you. They were very clearly high on weed. Continue

After school, they ask you to join them in smoking cannabis, you decline, but eventually agree to try it. You dont feel any difference whatsoever, even after 3 or so smokes. You slowly found it tasted better with each smoke, but still tasted like boiled grass.

They ask you if you enjoy it, and if you would like to join their schoolwide "Weed Clan".



You decided to join the "Weed Clan".

You see that they have smokes after school, and every other saturday. On the saturdays, you usually go to the shack behind the school, which you dubbed the 'Weed Shack', then go into the city cente for mainly getting rid of the smell, while completely intoxicated.Continue?

You tell off the gang and get rewarded by the authorities with all the weed they had in store, which givs you a lifetime supply. You end school and set sights on becoming a weed dealer to the general public, making your own weed society. Try for a different ending?

You stay in the weed gang and make it through half the year before you get busted by your math teacher, who claimed you got every question wrong and smelled exceptionally bad. Try for a different ending?

You lost all your friends up to this moment, and start to become very introverted and dont interact with kost, out of fear that you will lose them as a chance aswell. Your grades increase by 25% and there is nobody to distract you, but you feel this gap in your life which you dont know how to fill.

A group of people approach you and try to convince you to join their group.



You decline, instead becoming a world famous physicist, earning €90,000 annual salary and curing the malaria epidemic. Try a differerent ending?

When you enter class you see 2 distinct characteristics:

People still are divided into groups


there are 2 main groups, Quiet people and Extroverts

There is a free seat near either group, so you're going to have to make a choice:


Quiet People

The police take you in for custody on acocunts of drug use, manslaughter and gang affiliations. You have the option of blaming the gang for forcing you and use the bruises from the earlier attack, or stay silent and keep the gang safe.

Stay silent

Blame the gang

You acuse the gang's top dogs for abducting you and forcing you to do the tasks, while showing the jury your many bruises from the assignment of robbing the bank, and tackling the enemy gang memebr. The jury decide you are innocent and let you go. You make it through the school year relatively well. Try for a different ending?

You dont tell anyone about the other members and get an increased sentence of 3 years, instead of the 2 years,in prison. Try for a different ending?

You tackle him, and gain full responsibility of keeping him hostage, as you have just earned a higher rank in the gang, where you can plan and execute attacks on rivals with almost no limits to authority. Continue?

You are a 15 year old who has just recently changed schools. Your previous teachers you had said you had lots of petential. As soon as you walk in through the front door you see the whole corridor filled with not crowding people, but several distinct groups instead.

You see a group which seems inviting at first, except their glares catch you off guard,they feel as if they aren't looking at you, but past you, into you. You decide it isnt worth it and would rather get to class on time

You join the quieter ones, those who don't really get involved that much. Later, at break, you realize they were part of the same group that you viewed earlier.They introduce you to most of the school community, but they also tell you that they are leaving at the end of the month.

They were the only friends you really got to know well.

Stay alone

Find new friends

They make fun of you and make you go to the next operation. They refer to this act as "pushing the payload". Continue?

One evening, man known only as Snake takes abducts you on your way home and offers you a job once you finished school as an international government funded assassin. If you choose to accept, you are set for most of your life.

Take Offer

Refuse Offer

You get in, manage to do a stealth takedown to a few members, and manage to kill the intended target with evidence to stage a sabotage. Continue?

One day you guys go to the city center completely high on the weed you had smoked beforehand, except you haven't smoked much to film them in thier stupidity. They didnt notice until one of the clerks in a store called you out for it. You see where they get all their weed. They make a deal with a dealer in Afganistan in exchange with sponsoring the usage of weed, which was a deal they could not deny. Do you tattle on them to the school and probably get them expelled or stay in the group and live a life of crime?

Leave group and tell

Stay in the weed gang

You become an international assassin after finishing school, getting funded by the Divine Theocratic Syndicate. You have a good life ahead filled with backstabbing and nobody figured it was you throughout your life. Try a differerent ending?

Your objective is to deliver one of the national gang leaders. If you accept, you gain multiple ranks in the gang. Do you bail or just go with it?


Go with it

You shoot and manage to cripple, but the neighbors called the police and you get sentenced for 10 years for 2nd degree assault, and none of your gang buddies helped either becasue of the close relation. You have been abandoned Try for a different ending?

You get 15% of all the shares and manage to hide it from your parent, instead using it on expensive brands to get more attention in school. Continue

You find a completely new group, you have no idea who they are and what they do in their free time. They invite you to a bank heist on one of the most famous banks, Center of Finance Inc. You need to be the getaway driver. If you accept , you get 15% of all that was robbed.




You manage to sucessfully escort the member but you see a witness form another gang, and you have the option of either tackling him or shooting him



You organise an assassination on one of the lead members, and you have a choice in crew, do you go in fast and loud and kill more members, or go in, make the kill, get out? Loud has a higher risk, but limits their prejudice over the neighborhood. Silence only kills one member, but causes less alarm and can cause internal collapse.



You go in fast and loud, guns blazing, and manage to kill half of those in the hideout, but the neighbors called the cops, well done. Continue?

By sachhyam 143710