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Kim Schlawginski


I do not own Dragon Ball or any of the franchise, this is merely a story that I created for my own, any of the following Soundtracks, GIFs, Images and such are the property of their respective owners.

Dragon Ball: Multiverse!

"Hmm, You're unique.. and weird. Normally, no one would show up here after they pass on. You're something, you know that?"

"I'm.. who are you?"

"Me? Well.. that doesn't matter for now. What matters is that I think you should be given another chance, another chance to prove yourself and just show how you deserve this chance."

"I.. don't remember anything.."

"Your mind's still blurry? Give it a few seconds and try again."


"! Your very own adventure is about to unfold before your eyes. Have fun in your second chance."

You felt like you knew that line from somewhere.

"Well, I do. Jesus Christ, your punch stings. The name's Neon and thanks for asking."

Introduce yourself.

Invalid Code.


Click me for a list of codes ;)


"The hell? My name's too!", you said.

"Are you sure you're not copying me for scaring you or is that actually your real name? Because that's SO COOL!"

"Okay, whatever, where am I and where is the way to the closest anywhere?"

"My name's , now can you point the direction of the nearest wherever? I'm lost."


"My name's Neon. Not the lights. Just plain ol' Neon. Neon your friendly neighborhoo- You get what I mean."

Introduce yourself.

The entity suddenly was before you and before you could react, you bumped straight into it and fell on your back.

Look up at it.

You turned on your heels and made a quick run for it, heading out into open field in the distance. Run faster.

It was a Bluish Bio-Android just staring at you.

"...Want some nuggets, kid?"

"Who the hell are you?"

A quick breeze swept up behind you, it was at this moment that whatever was around you had finally stood straight up and just behind you. Your heartbeat is pulsing madly, your brain panicking.

Do you turn around slowly or turn around with a punch using all of your might.

You swiftly turned and threw a massive punch at the entity, you felt it collide and the being was sent flying into a tree. It was a Blue Bio-Android who then shook his head.

"OW! Fuckin' hell.. Rude much?! It's just a prank, bro."

"Nobody sneaks up on someone in a forest as a prank.

You swiftly turned and threw a massive punch at the entity.

Only for a loud TINK noise to be heard.

"How were you expecting this to go out?"

"Who are you?"

Congratulations, you finally forced your body to wake up. You looked around while your eyes adjusted to the brightness, you were in a Forest-looking field.


You stood up, still looking around.

You stepped on something with a loud crack, upon looking at it you saw a broken scouter.

Shit. That must've been yours.

You facepalmed and sighed, gazing down at the broken scouter.

Pull your eyes away and wander around.

Opening your eyes was a bit difficult for you, seems like your body wanted to rest more. The sounds of birds chirping and nature surrounded you, you forced your body to lean up straight until you were sitting. Upon doing so, sunlight rayed down at your eyes which somehow forced them to open.

Keep trying to fully wake up.

Out of the corner of your eye, you saw something Shimmering which caught your attention. You turned your head and walked over to it.


You finally approached the Village after quite a while of walking.

Enter Multiversal Village.

You inspected the shimmering object and discovered that it was a pouch with scattered Zeni on the floor. You have the urge to take it but then you are quite aware that there may be traps and you are contemplating on moving on as well.

You decide to take a trip to the Park, it wasn't such a long walk anyway, just takes you about 5 minutes.

The Park had lots of other people, different races, genders, all completely different. This may be where everyone hangs out when they're bored or whenever they want to do something interesting. You can even see strangers asking each other out to train.


You ignored the pouch, mainly because you had no business with it and it smells like a trap.

Damn right, you tell 'em.

You sat down and watched everything, it wasn't that bad if you think about it. Everything is quiet and there were little to no people paying attention to you.

You've had enough.

Click me to input codes.

Generation 1: Beginning of the Beginning

Fun fact: That picture above is the FIRST logo of DBM, if you want to continue with the Story then click the logo. (;

You turned around slowly.

. . .

You stood up and made your way back to the Village.


You find yourself in a very peaceful village, the locals don't seem to pay much attention to you at all, not far from the village you can see a Park, an open field, a gravity chamber, a shop mountains, forest, and the local food center.

You can save your progress here by using the code G1MV in the codes menu.

You gripped your fists tighter, "If I'm gonna die, I'm not gonna die running.", you thought to yourself as you took your stance. The Mysterious entity then landed behind you which gave you the initiative.

Let's kick some ass.

The Bio-Android pointed to his right with his tail as he looked at the same direction.

"You're in the Forest, Town's that way."

Head on that way.

You stepped in the shop and had a look at the different items they had. You could see the following on Display with the current prices.

"Ah, is that so? Hm.. You're just as I expected. Well, a little better than what I expected."

"..So what happens now?

The snake lunges at you from the ground, it has amazing speed despite it's enormous size. Someone fed their pet snake too much.

You jump off of the tree and landed on the ground behind the snake and took your stance. What do you do?

Go all out Melee.

You began to wander around the forest while keeping a close eyes on your surroundings. You didn't exactly feel that much safe out in the open like this because of foreign environment. Keep Walking.

You couldn't see, you couldn't feel.


But you can hear them.


The Humans that built you.


The voices.


It rang inside your head.


You felt something around your hand.


While wandering and hoping to find someone or at least a sign where you are, the environment slowly becomes misty-ish as it slowly becomes darker. Suddenly, your scouter begins to beep loudly, places a reading of 5,000 on the display and points at your left, you looked at it and saw nothing. It beeps again and points behind you, you turned and only saw a glimpse of a blur. You're not alone and something tells you this might either be a good time to Run or Stay and fight.

The forest is quiet, too quiet. The chirping of the birds faded into silence as you progressed further into the woods, everything slowly became covered in mist too and became slightly darker and soon all that you can hear were the rustling of the leaves. Something's wrong, that realization forced you into your stance. As you stood on full alert, you felt the air becoming thin and thus making it harder for you to breathe. But your willpower is strong, you stood strong and waited for whatever was there to show themselves.

Neon seemed to disappear after you looked at that direction, could be he plans to prank someone else. The spooky setings was also gone which means that everything is back to normal now. You began to walk towards that area, carefully stepping as to avoid falling over and breaking anything.


You decided to wander off into the shop to see what you can buy.


Their voices.


Your punch collided with the Snake's head, knocking it out instantly. You then flipped backwards and landed on your foot, after this you turned around and walked away towards the Village.

Your Power Level has increased and is now .


You thought you'd get codes but...

Okay, seriously, click the picture and you'll be directed to where the codes are.

"Let's take it step by step, then. Do you remember your name?"

"What about your race, remember anything from it?"


"We're getting there. Hang in there, you're gonna get back down there in juuuust a bit more. Unfortunately our time together will be coming to an end, though I do love getting to know you. But before our time is cut short, let me ask you two more questions. First one is Do you remember your gender?"

Yeah, I'm..

Open your eyes.

"Ah, very well. Moving on."


You looked around more, trying your best to process the information rushing to your brain.

Your hand brushes upon something, you look at it and saw that it was a Scouter. This might be your scouter, so you picked it up and wore it, pressed the button on the side and a number showed up on the display.

. That must be your Power Level.

You looked around more, trying your best to process the information rushing to your brain.

Your hand brushes upon something, you look at it and saw that it was a Scouter. This might be your scouter, so you picked it up and wore it, pressed the button on the side and a number showed up on the display.

. That must be your Power Level.

Wander around.


"..You're kidding, right. Try to remember harder, Gender is a very important thing."


"Cool Biscuits. Now for the final question.."

"Were you Good or Evil? Perhaps between the two?"


You crouched over and took the Zeni carelessly.


You heard the rustling of leaves and a large hissing noise behind you, you jumped up into a tree by Instinct and saw that it was a Giant Snake staring you down with a Death Glare.

And it seems PISSED.

You have no opening to make your escape so you're forced to fight it.


You dashed forwards creating a trail of dirt on the ground behind you as you threw a punch at the snake.

However you were just smacked aside by its tail and into about 2 trees.

You got up and dashed straight again for another strike.


You dashed forwards creating a trail of dirt on the ground behind you as you threw a punch at the snake.

The Snake lashed its tail sideways at you but you saw it and jumped over it, stomping on the tail and jumping straight at the head of the snake for a punch.


Upon dashing forward, you noticed that the snake's tail was lashing down at you again so you took this chance to learn from the previous experience and side-dash into safety. The snake whipped its tail once more at your direction but you jumped over it, causing the snake's tail to knock over a tree behind you and crash down on the snake which knocked it out.

You zanzoken'd a few feet away from the snake and turned around.

You looked at your and noticed that you had a .

Your Power Level has increased and is now .


"Little break won't hurt.", you said as you began to walk out of your lab, leaving your documents in hand behind. Amanda followed beside you too, having a little difficulty walking. Her stumbling caught your attention.

"Still having trouble with those High-Heels?", you asked with quite a mocking tone.


"Wanna try them on? You'd look better with these shoes in my opinion.", She said with a giggle.

"I'm much more used to Flip-flops that this thing. Professionalism can be a pain at times.", she added.


"Just two more days," you said to yourself.


"Two more days until Project S is ready to be deployed."


"Yeah, all those nights spent staying up is gonna pay off. I might get a week of sleep once we're done," your colleague said.


"Hey, wanna get some coffee or just continue on this thing?" Amanda asked. Amanda was your colleague and childhod bestfriend. You both had the same interests in Biological Science and always went to the same class, you two were practically rivals in the eyes of others but you two knew that you were best friends.

Get coffee or Continue.

"How's the kids, bob?", Amanda said to break the silence.

"Huh?", it caught your attention.

"What's up, doc?", she asked.

"Well, it's just that y'know, all our work is finally coming to pay off and I just.. I dunno, I feel stunned.", you tried to explain it as best as you can but what you got was what you just said.

"Ooookay, basically what you feel like after graduating College when your parents said you couldn't because of how lazy you were?"

"Wasn't that your parents?", you both laughed and sipped your cups empty. You then stood up and stretched around, Amanda stood up and yawned. You two then walked back into your labs.


"There's the bomb." Amanda whispered to you, she was obviously referring to Velvet, causing you to laugh but successfully hold it in. It was an inside joke between you two.

You and Amanda then took your cups and had a drink.

It was an awkward coffee sipping session between you two because it was all silence. And it lasted for about 10 minutes.


You two reached the Lounge, there you saw 4 other Lab Personel. Sitting on the sofa watching TV was a Lazy Nerd friend of yours who always somehow knew more than the rest of you, even when combined. He always seemed to dominate you in Video Games too. His name was Frank.

There were two others sitting on a round table with plastic cups of coffee in hand, similar to what you'd see in Starbucks. The guy's name was Alex, he was wearing the Security Guard uniform that had a little bit of Coffee Stain on his pants.

The other one was a Lady who seemed like a 21 year old, it was the newly hired Guard. Her name was Elizabeth. You didn't know much about her as she was new but she's fairly awkward due to being new.

There was the last guy, sipping his water while sitting alone, he was going over a bunch of archived files on his laptop. If you recall, that man is Dr. Velvet Franco, the man behind the idea of Project S. But you and Amanda knew that the real work came from Dr. Roselynn Van Asher. Velvet never really helped at all, he's only getting credit for what everyone did. Nobody also likes him in the Lab, it's like everyone avoids him and he's completely fine with it.


"I don't really know what else to work on aside from staring into a giant Artificial Womb tube thing, I forgot what it's called. It's been like 5 days since I last slept. Roselynn's got it much worse since she basically did almost all the work while Mr. Velvet "the bomb" Franco just sits on his ass while probably looking at Midget Porn."

Amanda scoffed and laughed, "You wanna drop the mic?"

"Meh, let's go have a look at Project S."


Amanda followed you into the Lab Room where Project S was, there it was in a giant birthpod curled up like a baby.

You weren't alone with Amanda in the Lab Room too, on your left was Dr. Vanessa Welgard accompanied by Dr. Hunter Jones.

You briefly nodded at the two before staring at Project S.


"But Project S somehow reverts back to the old shape. It's like it wants to be something but that's impossible with the current state it's in. It's still a Fetus and can't be aware of what it is."

"Let's just wait and see to what it grows into?" you said, with a hint of tiredness in your eyes which Rose noticed.

"Maybe you should get some rest, It's 8:40 PM."

"Wait, what? It's that late already? Damn. Well, I guess me and Amanda will be going for the night see you guys tomorrow." you said as you left the room, waving to everyone. Amanda followed behind you.


"He seems a lot like Human, don't you think?"

Suddenly, Dr. Roselynn answered after walking in behind both of you, "No, look at his tail and the formation of his head. Human fetuses resemble Humans already."

"Yeah but what I meant is.. you know what I mean." you tried your best to explain yet that was what you could come up with.

"No, I don't." Roselynn answered back.

"His thing, his body, isn't it supposed to be less Human-looking?" you finally explained.

"Well.. We tried to change his physical structure to what we want it to be." Rose explained.



You stepped out of the Lab with Amanda following behind you, you then hopped in to your car with Amanda following and sitting down on the Passenger side, once she sat down she fell asleep.

You took what little energy you had left to stay up as you drove home.


After about 30 minutes of driving and miraculously staying awake, you finally drove your car into your garrage, stepped out of your car, walked to the side and pulled Amanda out of the car. You then lifted her and walked into your house by which you then laid her down on the sofa. After that you walked to your room, didn't bother to take your clothes off and plopped down onto the bed.

Next Morning.

If you want to save your Progress here, use the code Sci12


Before we continue, are you sure you don't want to skip all the boring stuff and skip to 2 days later?

Continue the story or Skip

That was all there is.




You still have to complete the Scientist path.

Go back.

Time Skip to about 2 days later, it was 5:59 am, you were sleeping. You've had about enough rest from those 2 days that you didn't go to the lab. You've never had sleep this comforting since you spent an entire day doing a Video Game Marathon with Frank.

Then your alarm rang, that one thing we all hate when we're having a good rest. In your slightly annoyed mood, you turned your alarm off and sat up straight on your bed, looking around and rubbing your eyes.

You took a while to see everything clear, your energy began to flood back into your body as well. Then you remembered that this is the big day. The day that Project S will be revealed. So you stood up and made your way to the bathroom for a shower.


After taking your time in the Shower, you did your morning routine which pushed the current time to 6:30 AM, you remembered that you had to be there before the clock strikes 7 so you rushed yourself and made sure you were ready, you put on yur lab attire and hopped in your car, turned it on and drove all the way to the Lab.


You arrived at Sync Labs, you quickly parked your car and rushed into the Lab. This will be your first time seeing Project S after 2 days, Amanda saw you jogging down the hall and ran after you, going beside you, "Had enough rest?"

"Hell yeah, are they gonna be doing a field test today?"

"Mhm, and you're lucky to not be late." Amanda ran past you and into the Lab where they kept Project S in the massive Tube, she always was the faster one between you and her.


You entered the Lab that stored Project S, you were grinning because of excitement until you saw what Project S looked like, a Giant Humanoid Bug.

It DEFFINITELY wasn't what you were expecting. In the room with you were famous faces and people with high positions in life. You stepped close to Amanda and whispered while your eyes didn't leave Project S. "Is that Project S?"

"Yeah, why?" She whispered back.

"I thought they would make him.. less like that. Is that what Project S keeps turning into after every attempt to turn him into something else?"

Amanda was about to speak but was cut off by Dr. Velvet who was speaking through a Microphone.


"Ladies and Gentlemen, may I have your attention?"

You didn't notice that there were different News Station Camera Crews in the lab too, you only noticed them after the cameras aimed at Velvet.

"Today, the world we know it will change and so will the future. What I have here is a Bio-Android. A Soldier. One that will protect us from the harms of the outside world. Examples of this are Meteors, Aliens and etc. This Bio-Android has been.."


You whispered to Amanda while pointing at Project S so that nobody noticed you.

"Did they activate it yet?"

"No, they wouldn't. It's still in the tank."

"Look." You continued pointing at the tail of Project S which seemed to be faintly moving, you felt uncomfortable now but fought all nerves to back away.


"...and with all that said, I give you.. Project S."

Everyone began to clap, the politicians seemed quite convinced. You noticed that the eyes of Project S were twitching already.

The reporters started to ask questions, starting with..

"Will Project S serve for the Army?"

Velvet replied with, "No, as I said previously, Project S will be used for Outside Danger and nothing else."

"Will you be making more like Project S in the future?"

"Well, if Project S is a success then we'll implement him worldwide."


Only you seemed to notice that Project S opened its eyes, you quickly grabbed Amanda by her arm and gently tugged her near the exit, she seemed a little agitated.

"What, what is it?"

"Look at its eyes."

Amanda looked at Project S for a second and froze.


This is a checkpoint, save and load your progress by using the code CPS


You pulled Amanda's arm and ran through the door behind you, going straight and after a while, you let go of Amanda and told her.

"You go and leave the building, there are cops outside the building and they can help. I'll try to find the Shutdown code for Project S." your tone was visibly panicking but you felt a little safer because the Security Guards were rushing out of the Control Room.

"Dude, no. You're gonna FUCKING DIE in here with that thing!"

"Someone has to try and shut it down or else the entire city's gonna die MAYBE EVEN THE WHOLE WORLD! Just go outside and-"

You were interrupted by a crowd of people running out, you stepped to the side and against a wall but Amanda was dragged with them.


The lights flickered and the power suddenly shut down.

After a few seconds, the power restored and Project S was still in the tank, you sighed in relief which was cut short by the loud noise of Shattering Glass, you looked and saw Project S stabbing Dr. Velvet straight through the chest with its tail. Loud screams were heard as everyone rushed to the exits. Project S killed the ones who were closer to it which were the reporters and the Politicians.


So there you are, in the middle of the hallway, this day could be your final day alive and if anyone could read thoughts, they'd pity you for what you're feeling right now. "Damn it, why did I have to be a hero?"

Gunshots rang and echoed throughout from a door past the long and empty hallway which the transitioned into screaming and yelling followed by a couple more Gunshots.

In front of you was the room to the Security Control room.

Look for something useful.

Enter the control room.==

You looked around at the floor around you, seeing nothing but scraps of paper, trash and others. You decided that looking around was a waste of time so you went ahead for Option A where you checked out the Security Control room.


You didn't want to waste time so you stood up and took a closer look at the cameras.

Cameras 1, 2, 6, and 10 were down. Those were the ones in the Lab.

In Camera 3, which was the camera to the Toilets, you could see a bunch of dead bodies on the floor which had blood all over the floor. There were visible giant footmarks too.

Camera 4 had nothing, it was the camera to the Back room.

The same were for all other cameras.

You suddenly noticed movement in Camera 8, it was a Guard running and gunning from a Giant Bug-like creature that slowly progressed down the hallway, taking the bullets with little to no damage. It then let out a roar at the Guard who then tripped over a Dead body, you could hear this from the speakers. "No, please, no.. No NO NO!!!" It then showed Project S stabbing the Guard through his skull using his tail. Such a sight was too much for you to handle and caused you to step back, stumbling against your weak balance and made you crash down. It made a hella lot of noise too.


You creaked the door open a little to see if anyone's inside, no one. You then stepped in and closed the door behind you only to be smacked in the face with the butt stock of an M16 Rifle which caused you to plop down to the floor on your back. "FUCK!"

You held your nose in pain as you turned your head to look at whoever did it, you then saw that it was the new Security Guard, Elizabeth, and she was visibly shaking. "What the fuck was that for?!" You asked with quite the annoyance, though you kept your voice down.

"I-I.. I'm sorry.. Wha-What's going on out th-there..?" she asked and seemed very nervous.

"Project S is lose, I need your hel-"

Before you could finish, she leaned back against the wall and slid down, holding the rifle tight in her hands with fear. You've never seen someone this scared in your entire life, she was also mumbling so fast. "Nononono, we're all de- we're all gonna die why did this happen why is this happening god please no.."

You knew damn well that Project S was sensitive to emotions and you had to do something.

Calm her down.

Ignore her and Quickly look at the Cameras to check the situation.

You slowly crawled to her and laid a hand on her shoulder. "Hey, hey, hey. It's gonna be fine. As long as you keep quiet and keep the safety off then we should be fine, okay?"

Your words didn't seem to have effect, she was sobbing now. Fuck, why did you have to be so bad at calming people down. Now's not the time to complain so you gave it another shot.

"Elizabeth, was it?" she nervously nodded at you.

"Okay, that's a nice name. Elizabeth, you remind me of myself, you know? I was once like you, the new guy in class. Didn't get much friends and jackshit but I had my moments. One day I was on my way home and I saw these guys who were the Cool guys of the class, top tier bullies, right?" She seemed to calm down a bit and listened to you story, though she was stil sobbing a little.

"Of course they were assholes so they pulled me aside and gave me a beating just because they can and because their girlfriends were friends with me. I felt like there was no hope for me anymore at that time, all the pain I felt with every punch, every kick, every hit. They just felt numb and I felt that I was close to dying but I never gave up hope. I did feel like everything was lost but I never actually believed in it, a few minutes later some guy comes around and fucking smacks the two into a wall a backhand, he helped me up and said his name was Danny.


"So he gave me one of these beans that instantly made me feel at perfect shape again and he went to have a word with those dicks, I went on my way home and once I got into my bed I was never able to sleep well because I kept remembering what happened to me on that day, I was never able to forget about it. The memories turned into Nightmares that kept haunting me back every night."

"Did.. did the nightmares ever stop..?" Elizabeth finally spoke.

"Yeah, after I learned to step up to the obstacle in my path and smash it down. I learned to just dust myself and get up after I get hit with something. The real thing is.. Being strong isn't about how much damage you can do, it's about how much damage you can take and still get up. You have to be strong if you want to destroy this obstacle, okay?"

Elizabeth wiped her face from tears slowly, "Okay.."

You smiled and checked the Cameras, Project S was nowhere to be seen and the Killswitch was in your Laboratory, "The Kill Switch is in my Lab which is about 6 minutes walking from here."


"6 Minutes? Doesn't Project S only need 2 seconds to kill us?" Elizabeth answered, she was checking if her gun was loaded and ready.

"Yeah, but we can avoid that by making sure it doesn't see us." You replied with confidence.

"Okay, that's a good idea but here's a question." Elizabeth added on.

"Hmm?" Your eyes didn't move from the Cameras, you were busy with checking the Cameras.

"How did Project S activate? And if it actvated by itself wouldn't that make the Kill Switch useless?"

"Shit, that's a good point." You said after a momentary silence.

"So.. what do we do now?" Elizabeth asked.


"But we don't have Flamethrowers in here or guns that shoot out lava.." Elizabeth said with a dismayed tone.

You scratched the side of your head, "That's a rest in peace idea, then. Alternatively, we could use Grenades and other repulsing forces to disorient it or cause it to flee momentarily which gives us more than enough time to run."

"Flee? You're telling me this thing has a mind of its own?"

"We all do, Project S was given the behavior of running if it can't take a significant danger on."

"That makes me feel better. Why don't we just chuck a bunch of Stun Grenades at him and fucking sedate him with a Tranquilizer?" Elizabeth asked, she had a good idea.

...if it was thought out well, "Because Project S will go wild if that happens. Plus that tail is deadly."

"..Right, so what's the plan?" Elizabeth asked as she was prepping up, tucking in her Bulletproof vest while packing as much ammo as she could.


"I guess the only option for us is to escape but since all the doors have been locked down, it'll take about 30 minutes for us to find a proper way out. And that's another 30 minutes since we're hiding from Project S." You listed out the bad shit first.

"Project S has to have some kind of weakness, I've seen bullets not do anything to it with that nifty camera system." Elizabeth replied, it gave you an idea of what to do.

"Maybe, perhaps we could use fire against it. It's skin is a genetically experimented and mutated sample of a Wolf Spider's skin. If we put our maths correctly then I'd say about 127 Degrees should melt Project S and POSSIBLY kill it."


"We're gonna need a lot of heat."

Either that line was badass or cringe.

"Throw a Grenade and run, the damage done to it should be great enough. Try to talk to your walkie-talkie and see if you can search for other people inside the lab, we need all the help we can get."

You walked over to the Camera Console and looked over at the list of cameras, some were offline but majority were functioning. You could see Project S walking down the hallways of the deep parts of the Lab with a very menacing slow walk, you looked closely at Project S.

"Maybe we could distract it to a certain room via noise and lock it there."

Elizabeth said.

"Good idea, we'll try that if things go out of hand. Any luck on the Walkie-Talkie?"

"Oh, I uh.. haven't tried yet." Elizabeth replied with a little bit of guilt.

"You better try now."

You continued observing Project S and its movements.

3 Hours Later.

Three Hours later, you were prepped and ready to go.

"Nothing really?" You asked Elizabeth.

"Nothing, either everyone's out and we're the only ones in here or-"

The Walkie-Talkie crackled into life, "Hello? This is Officer Dane from SCPD. We heard your messages on the Walkie-Talkie and currently we have the Building surrounded. The National Guard is also here with us to help so I'm gonna need you to explain what's going on inside."

Elizabeth obviously didn't want to answer because she didn't know what to say so she handed the Walkie-Talkie to you with a wide-eyed face, you obviously didn't know how to operate the Walkie-Talkie but Elizabeth taught you the basics.

"Hello? This is Dr. Michael Richards from Sync Labs. Currently we are trapped inside the Security Control Room with limited view on Project S but so far I can say that he's moved on from the Main Lab which is at the middle of the Building to the Mens Bathroom which is situated at around.. the South side of the building."


"We don't have a big plan but if we did encounter Project S, we'd toss a Grenade at it and hopefully it's enough to cause it to flee."

And another few minutes of silence.

You decided to sit down with your back against a wall.

"Elizabeth was the name of my first crush in High School, y'know."

This caused Elizabeth to look at you and blink.

"I'll just assume you're Neutral, then."

"I think that's what I was.."



Waking up

Neon the Bio-Android

Snake Battle

Enter Village

"When you said Project S please tell me you weren't referring to the one all over the News."

"The One to be used against Meteors and outside-world harm? Yes, that's the one. If you plan on going in then I suggest you pack a lot of Firepower and grenades because Project S flees once it is damaged enough, it's also sensitive to Emotions so if you're gonna come in I suggest bringing the guy with the most balls. Me and Elizabeth are scared shitless in here and I don't think we can last any longer, we can't do anything any further because the Kill Switch will be rendered useless against it. It's become self-aware and that's a big problem for us, It's only a matter of time before its brain develops and learns how to strategize as well as become sentient and intelligent."

At the other end, you heard a bunch of other voices talking and whispering but you were able to hear this clearly.

"Hey Chief, the fuck is that on the window?"

After that, you heard guns cocking but no gunfire. It only took a few seconds for the Chief to reply to you.

"Does Project S look like a Giant Bug?"

"Yes, but do not fire at it. I repeat, Do. Not. Fire. At. Project S. Bullets have no effect at all on him." you said, trying to warn the Chief.

"So what's your plan, Doc?" the chief replied after about 10 seconds.


...or so you thought.

Literally seconds after you peeked, Project S suddenly jolts its fucking head down at the floor to look at you with those snake-like eyes, you literally had eye-to-eye contact with Project S. You jolted your head back being scared shitless for your own life.

Project S stabs his tail through the wall and impales your chest with its tail before pulling you out, your last thoughts before you died were "Why me.." before Project S stepped on your head and crushed your skull.


Go back to Checkpoint, Restart the Scientist route or go back to role select.

The Story that was never told.

Play as a Scientist

Play as a Security Guard

Play as a Citizen

Play as a Cop

Play as a Soldier

Play as Project S.

Project S is the origin and creation story of the God we all know as Synthesis.

You then noticed from the Camera that Project S jerked its head towards the direction of the noise, the security control room. After that it'd run towards the noise with footsteps so loud that it shook the ground a bit, you were scared to hell with how fucking terrifying Project S can be and the pulse of your heartbeat was way louder than the footsteps of Project S, you were also shaking about as heavily as Elizabeth. You crawled your way beside the door and made sure that if the door were to open, you could not be seen. You signalled to Elizabeth with a finger over your lips to keep quiet, despite being very nervous. She surprisingly complied, being scared to death for her own life too.

There were no cameras outside the Security Control room so you couldn't keep track of Project S but you listened to the sounds of its footsteps.

None, it was quiet. Perhaps Project S has lost interest and walked back into the end of the hall. You didn't let your guard down so easily however. You laid down and peeked under the Door Gap to see if you could see the foot of Project S there.



Wake up.

"No dot."


"Really? It must be quite a mess.. I'll just name you Zuske, then.


", Huh? That's a nice name."