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Interactive stories, text-based games and visual novels
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There is nothing else here. You're like, pretty sure. Like 99% sure. Well maybe like 95%, or like 90%.

Keep looking

The lamp is now on

It's a desk lamp, nothing special, not any place to hide an afikomen except underneath, and you checked there.

Turn on the lamp

Go Back

This room has a Table with a Laptop and Lamp on it with Two Drawers

Go Back

This room is filled with ducks pecking around at various foods. They are positioning around a large duck staue in the center.

Investigave The Ducks

Investigate The Statue

Go Back

Damn, you were sure one of those bastards was hiding the afikomen, but they are just ordinary, run-of-the-mill house-ducks.

Go Back

It is made out of stone

Go Back

The Hidden Afikomen


Judiasim stands strong. Our traditions will not bow to the virus.

Isaac Prusky

The laptop is now open. It comes on but you don't have the password.

As you run your hand along the bookshelf a hidden mechanism triggers and one of the books sinks into the wall. Wierd.

Go Back

The note reads: "Once all four gems are lit, you may recieve your prize"

It is an old white macbook.

Open It

Look Underneath

Go Back

It is a wooden table

Go Back

They are fake drawers, painted on and purely decorative. Unfortunite. They remind you of fake pockets, and like fake pockets, they exist only to decieve and ignite fury in the hearts of man.

Go Back

There is nothing underneath

Ok yeah, there's nothing here for sure. Except, wait maybe under the floorboards?

Look elsewhere

Try the floorboards

This room apears to be a living room. There is a large stone fireplace with a [grandfather clock] standing next to it across from the room's entrance. On the left side of the door is a piano with a piano stool or whatever those are called. On the right side of the door is a sofa and bookshelf.

Go Back

This is the second passage, which readers proceed to by clicking a link in the first passage.

What follows next? It is all in your hands... or, should we say, at your fingertips.

You can dynamically change the main picture.

Audio file (mp3 is supported). The 'Audio' button will appear on the toolbar.

Examples of Text Formatting

Text in italics

Text in bold

Underlined text

Monospace font

This text is center aligned.

This text is right aligned.

Image (supported formats: png, jpeg, gif):

Horizontal separator:

Em dashes – this is how you use them

Subscript: the formula for water is H2O

Superscript: the area of the room is 25 m2

* First item in the list

* Second item in the list

Some tricks to make your story even more fun.

Link to the first passage

I have hidden the afikomen somewhere in this virtual house. Your quest is to find it.


This is the central room. In here there is a north, south, east, and west door, as well as the trapdoor you entered through. It will not open until you find the afikomen. For now you are trapped.

North Room

South Room

East Room

West Room

Look Around More

This Room has a Safe with afikomen written on it. There are four gems embeded in the safe, each with a symbol underneath. There is a sticky note attatched to it.

Examine the gems

Read the note

Try to open the safe


Create a $key and display “Yes”, if the protagonist has the key, and “No”, if they do not: Yes No

One way link. After following this link readers will not be able to go back to the previous page via the Back button.

Clicking this link will display new text under the current passage without clearing the screen: Display the beginning of the story.

This is a citation from another passage:

Random number from 0 to 6: .

Choose action:

It opens! Your found the afikomen. yay!

It doesn't open. Darn.

Go Back

The piano has eyes and a mouth, but he won't tell you if he has the afikomen or not.

Open him and look]

Go Back

There is a big fire inside. Cozy.

Go Back

I ran out of time for this, sorry. Tight deadlines and such, I had like 45 minutes to work in a language i've never used before you know the drill. Maybe next time.

Go Back

When you try to open him he starts to cry. You feel bad and leave him alone.

The symbols underneath the gem are as follows:

Gem 1: a small hole (lit) (unlit)

Gem 2: a book (lit) (unlit)

Gem 3: a lightning bolt (lit) (unlit)

Gem 4: a lightbulb (lit) (unlit)


No way, that's just silly. You rascal, are you really going to break open the floor right now because you think the afikomen might be there?

i guess not, that's kinda crazy

hell yeah i am!

Great, now there's a hole in the floor.