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Interactive stories, text-based games and visual novels
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Create a $key and display “Yes”, if the protagonist has the key, and “No”, if they do not: Yes No

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This is the second passage, which readers proceed to by clicking a link in the first passage.

What follows next? It is all in your hands... or, should we say, at your fingertips.

You can dynamically change the main picture.

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Subscript: the formula for water is H2O

Superscript: the area of the room is 25 m2

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Some tricks to make your story even more fun.

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Battle of the Ages

Apollonian Study Games

A battle wages on in the land of Etheron, for centuries there were rumors of a terrible force being forged in the pits of hell to bring destruction to the planet. It was foretold that there would be only one who could defeat the beast and save all of humanity...

You toss and turn in your sleep, with the faint hint of a dream fading away, thoughts begin to fill your head. A voice echoes throughout your skull, reminding you that you are the chosen one...but how can you be the chosen one? You are simply a:





You are a warrior, armored and equipped with a sword and shield. You are strong, resilient and steadfast in both thoughts and actions...

A clashing sound alerts you and you are wide awake now, with the sun beaming down into your eyes, you quickly look around to realize you had just taken a nap after training hard.

The sound that awoke you was that of two training swords being used in demonstration for the new recruits.

Give them an example of your combat prowess

Go to the market and replenish your energy

You stand up, and stretch a bit as you make your way to the group of recruits. The trainer sees you walking towards them and exclaims, "Now here is a fine warrior! Everyone cast your eyes upon one of the most skilled fighter i have ever trained!"

You chuckle as they all look at you in awe, noticing the engravings and scars on your armor. You hear some whispers back and forth, but you ignore them.

"Stand aside, and let him demonstrate his abilities!"

The group barely shuffled, but as they made room, the trainer immediately dashed towards you with his weapon raised, so you..

Block with shield

Deflect with gauntlet

Strike with training sword